According to the legends of the brave Middle East minority the yezidis, they had seven towers of Melek Taus, The Peacock Angels, associated with Shaitan, Iblis, Lucifer or Azazel. The yezidis has been the people that has suffer most by the Islamic State, who massraped women and children, and been murder by the Islamic State in a way that should be named for what it is, a genocide.

According to the legends there will come a king from The North that will crush the fanatics and the corrupted worshippers of God. The King will like King Arthur and Prince Vlad III Dracula wear the sign of The Red Dragon.

Despite the legends two yezidi style Towers has been built , for the first time east of Eufrat. The first south of Stockholm, Sweden, and the second outside Budapest in Hungary. Five more will be built by Ordo Draconis. We don’t yet know were, or by whom. In the end we will also try to built a Temple in Kiruna, the most Northern city of Sweden.

The Temple will be religiously and politically unbound temple in Kiruna, where we shall use some important factors:

– Sweden is the world’s most secular country in the world, but some kind of religion or spirituality will always exist. The Temple will celebrate The Nature and  the powers of The North Pole.

–  In this Temple one can enjoy the Northern Lights and the Midnight sun, with an altar where the midnight sun “sets itself” at 24:00 in Midsummer.

– Establish a university with a focus on space research, geography, Sami culture.

– Cooperate with the tourism sector, with a focus on adventure tourism, and future space tourism. Collaborate with the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi and develop the form of unique experiences, including trips to the North Pole.

– Develop and collaborate with Spaceport Sweden AB, the Institute for Space Physics, Svenska Rymdaktiebolaget Esrange Space Center, etc. etc.

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